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Residence Casa Ceccu, 20220 Monticello / Ile Rousse, Corsica

The Balagne

Upper Corsica Region

Small Corsica in Corsica, Balagne is a welcoming land in the northwest of the island that combines all the treasures of the seaside and from the interior to the mountains.

From the highest peaks to the depths of the deep blue, here there are no borders between the spaces... nature has settled down in peace and quiet without creating obstacles for those who venture there as if to express to them all their hospitality and joy in welcoming them. The rustling of olive trees, the echo of the river that responds to the waves, the scents of myrtle competing with those of the immortal, Calvi, Ile-Rousse, the gateways to the coast will lead you to the villages of the hinterland, and the mountain can approach your steps.

In other words, in Balagne, everyone is happy. With family, friends or two, in the mountains or by the sea, your favourite activity awaits you. In summer, spring or autumn, Balagne will always be different and unique! 

Ile Rousse

In the heart of Balagne

It is in the heart of Balagne, in one of the most beautiful gulfs in Corsica, that L'Ile-Rousse awaits you for unforgettable moments of relaxation and discovery.

Take the time to live in the Paoli Square, under the eyes of "Babbù" Pascal Paoli. You will enjoy the café terraces or an improvised game of petanque with friends and enthusiasts in the shade of the hundred-year-old plane trees. 

Enjoy the walk along the A Marinella promenade which runs along one of the three magnificent fine sandy beaches, Napoleon Beach. It will take you to the ochre porphyry island, the Pietra. At its summit are the coastline of Balagne, from Calvi to the tip of Agriate, and the villages that make up the history of Ile-Rousse. The perfect place to admire the sunsets and immortalize them forever.

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